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Town of Change Islands

Change Islands is an outport community of approximately 300 residents in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located between Notre Dame Bay and the Labrador Sea, on the northeast coast off the island of Newfoundland. The islands are accessible by the provincially-operated ferry service from Farewell that also services Fogo Island further to the east. (see "Where are we located?")

Change Islands actually spans three small islands of the same name, two of which are populated. Each island is separated from the other by a "tickle", which is a narrow strait in Newfoundland English. The northern island (unpopulated) and middle island are separated by the North Tickle. The middle and southern islands are separated by the Main Tickle. The South Island is larger, containing more marshes/bogs, and wooded areas. The Middle Island is smaller, mostly barren, and the Northern Island is smaller yet, but unpopulated and difficult to access.

The present incorporated Town of Changes Islands largely straddles both sides of the Main Tickle, about 12 km north of the ferry terminal at the south end of the islands.

Change Islands was first settled in the early 1700's by European settlers as a series of random settlements around the islands tied to seasonal fishing activity. The town as we now know it developed into a cohesive community in the 20th century as the population gravitated towards the main tickle due to such things as resettlement, access to government services and changes in technology (ie. motorized boats). The community peaked in size in the early 1900's when it was the hub of the schooner fleet working the Labrador fishery.

The residents of Change Islands have preserved many of their traditional homes, stages, and stores (fishing sheds); most of these landmarks have disappeared in much of coastal Newfoundland and Labrador with the collapse of the ground fishery.

Known for its beauty, cleanliness and preservation of the past, Change Islands is the perfect place to hike, to kayak and enjoy the outdoors on an island in the ocean.

The town map below identifies all of the touristic destinations, restaurants, hotels/B&B's, churches and other community businesses. Please click on the map to view the full size version.

Change Islands and surrounding area

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